5 Easy Steps – Wire up a DC to AC Inverter to battery and circuit breaker

How to wire a DC to AC Inverter to a battery and DC protection device.

This has been written to highlight the electrical connection steps, for ‘in vehicle’ connection.
There will be many possibilities depending on location of the Inverter, battery and type of vehicle, however this STEP by STEP is intended to highlight the safest sequence.

The example below shows a 300W Pure Sine Inverter Example.

Connecting DC to AC Inverter to a Battery

This image shows the components used to write this connection guide. A simple sealed lead acid 12V battery, 8ZED Pure Sine Wave Inverter (Model No 8ZED-300S-12V-VP) also an 8ZED DC Circuit breaker (Model No 8ZED-CB50).

300 watt-inverter-with-adaptor

BUY 8ZED-300S-12V-VP



Circuit breaker


The 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter from 8ZED, comes with two types of cables, one is a simple cigarette lighter connection. This allows you to simply plug into the Cigarette Socket in the dash of your vehicle.
(Note** this should only be used as a temporary connection as it only delivers 150Watts in total)

Cigarette Socket Adaptor

Need an extra Cigarette Socket Adaptor for a spare?

Any power that is over 150Watts should be direct battery connected as shown in this guide.

STEP 1: Some people may disagree, however when using a circuit breaker in the circuit, we recommend connecting the Negative cable first.

DC to AC Inverter connection to battery

Connect the Negative cable first

It doesn’t matter whether you start from the battery or the inverter in this case. Ensure the connection is strong and clean. A Poor earth connection will result in poor performance of the Inverter.

STEP 2: Next step is to start on the DC positive cable.

Connecting DC to AC Inverter to a battery

Next step is to start on the DC positive cable.

As you can see in the image below, the 8ZED DC Circuit breaker  is in the “open” position. This ensures no power flowing through it. This is important as it ensures no “short” or mishaps can cause damage to the cable vehicle and most of all yourself.


circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker in open position

First make a connection to either of the posts on the DC breaker. Once this is secure you can make the connection to the battery positive as per the next image below.

Connecting DC to AC Inverter to a battery

Connection made to the battery positive.

STEP 3: With the DC breaker in the “open” position it means the other post is not live.
Now connect the other red to this post and then to the Red Post of the Inverter.
The complete connection should now look like this below.

DC to AC Inverter connection complete

The complete connection should now look like this.

STEP 4. Once you are happy and have double checked everything,  click the DC breaker into the “closed” position. This will allow the DC power from the battery to pass through whilst maintaining protection.

SETP 5. You may now turn on the inverter and power your devices.


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