DC Bush Kit – power in the bush.

When boating, traveling, camping, we all think about being without our gadgets and mobile devices.
Well with this new TITAN Bush Kit Solar Power Station Air and Light from 8ZED you are never short of the creature comforts of Power and Lighting.

 Not just another Battery Pack.

All the features are jam packed in this not too heavy casing which is easy to carry with two sturdy handles.
And when not on your travels this unit is perfect around the house as its portable and versatile with some other useful features.

Bush Kit

TITAN 533 Bush Kit Solar Power Station Air and Light

Bush Kit, TITAN 533 Bush Kit Solar Power Station Air and Light

It’s called the TITAN Bush Kit Solar Power Station Air and Light and that’s precisely what it’s for – when you need power and light out in the bush.
The main unit TITAN 533 Power Mate is the Central Power Station, consisting of a robust 22aH SLA Battery:

  • Allows up to 700 Cold Cranking Amps Jump Start when in an emergency and need to Jump Start a vehicle with a flat battery.
  • At the top neatly tucked away is the Compressor for when you need to top up that wheel barrow tyre or that emergency flat on the highway.
  • There is a high power USB out, which delivers up to 2.1 amps for charging smart phones and tablets
  • 400Watt MSW Power Inverter to run laptops and charge camera batteries
  • Twin Led lights for reading or getting that fishing tackle setup at night
  • In between is the LCD which shows the battery level and will also show the PSI when the compressor is in use
  • At the back is the 12V DC Socket supporting 10amps, handy for powering a car fridge, air mattress inflator or additional lighting.

Included in the Bush kit is the TITAN Night Owl 10W which is a Cool White Led Flood light.
Fitted with 5 meters of cable and an easy cigarette lighter plug means you can use it from any vehicle and the TITAN range of power stations.
Whether you are under the bonnet at night or camping this will light the way.

Last but not least is this intelligent solar panel called the TITAN Sun Hawk, 20W folding and compact which allows the user to pick and place this in any area. It has a cigarette light socket and an intelligent module. It backs as a charger for the TITAN Range of power stations whilst having the great feature of doubling as a power supply. This means you can plug in other devices such as car chargers to charge phones, tablets and camera batteries that you would usually run from your vehicle.

The TITAN Bush Kit Solar Power Station Air and Light can be used altogether or separated to the users requirements making this the best solution on the market.  And for under $250 a consumer winner.

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