Jumpstarter – Never leave home without it

So you have been away from your vehicle for some period of time.
Perhaps the lights were left on or the door was slightly ajar leaving the interior light on.
Another possibility is the battery is simply flat for other electrical reasons.

The good news is you have a set of jumper cables. The bad news is, your car is the only one left parked and there’s no other car to attach the cables to. 8ZED’s Titan Series Jumpstarters can solve this and prevent a lengthy wait for road side assistance, and perhaps a hefty road side assistance call fee.

A handy device that almost pays for itself the very first time you need to use it.

So what is this about?

A Jump starter is basically a battery inside a handy box, with some cables which have clamps on the ends. They are used to restart, jumpstart, a motor that is unable to be started. They are sometimes referred to as jumpers and they are connected to the motor battery.

8ZED jump starter-range

Jumpstarter, 8ZED Jumpstarter Range


Why would I need one?

In fact they should come as an option for all vehicles. Nobody enjoys being stranded do they? Always at the most inconvenient hour, dark or when the weather is at its best right? That’s why we need one!

So how does it work?

All Jump starter packs have a red and a black cable that finish with large clamps. These large clamps then clamp to the vehicle battery, what this does is allows the power from the jump starter to flow through the cables to your starting system in order to start the car.

What size do I need? And how much are they?

Size will depend on what engine size and type you have – 4 6 or 8 Cylinder – Petrol or Diesel.
No matter what your budget be sure you select the right jump starter for the task “starting your engine” This is the crucial element in selecting the right one.

Jumpstarters come in all shapes, sizes, brands, colours and prices. Most of them now feature extra goodies to cater for all types of emergencies whilst some are simply for starting. As technology advances so too do our jump starters. See our latest complete 8ZED TITAN range of Jumpstarters and Kits.



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