Get the best from your Bluetooth Vibration Speaker

Get the best out of your vibration speaker

WallCann’s nifty little speakers are a great talking point at parties and family gatherings. But in order to fully utilise the raw audio power from these tiny little devices, a few simple steps must be followed. These will ensure that you maximise both yours and your guests’ audio enjoyment.

Vibration Speaker

8ZED Vibration Speaker range

  1. Pick the right surface:
    The little speakers work best on solid smooth surfaces like metal, glass, wood or the head of bald friend (just kidding). The surface must be rigid so as not to absorb the vibrations from the speaker; example a soft surface like paperback book or mashed potato will not produce as crisp a sound as an upside down bin or a cardboard box. Each surface will produce its own unique sound, so have fun, get creative and experiment around the house!
  2. Remove rattly items from close proximity to the speaker as this will have an impact on the noise that the speaker will product, for example keys, coins,  Grandma.
    A simple solution to this is to utilise the optional suction cup in order to get the 15 Watt Bluetooth Vibration Speaker out of the way by attaching it to the wall, ceiling, car bonnet or on the inside of a wall or cupboard door to confuse your guests.

    Vibration Speaker with Suction Cup attached

    Vibration Speaker with Suction Cup attached

  3. Ensure that you have a stable connection to the phone or device so as to not interrupt the tunes flowing from the little speaker.
    The last thing your party guests want is to hear your private phone conversation via the advanced Bluetooth function.
  4. And the final stage may be simple and easy but is usually the most important of all:
    PARTY !!!!!

You can order your 15W Good Vibrations Speaker here and the suction cup here.


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